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A dynamic world requires flexibility. We know that "going up a notch" is sometimes necessary.Developments such as; flexibilisation, accelerations in market development, internationalization, etc. necessitate a faster pace of innovation. Organizations and therefore ICT must be flexible and able to innovate.Cravit is happy to work with Odoo to continuously optimize your information processing. Innovate together!


We believe that the time when consultants came to tell us how it should be done is from the last century. Combining our and your knowledge to achieve results delivers real solutions. Our implementations are therefore always based on close cooperation with your core users. Together with them, we build what will be the best ERP package in the world for your organization.

Based on a Project Initiation Document and the Company Process, a functional work environment and an Operational Design is defined. This is done based on standard B-informed templates that include the standard Odoo functionality. This will enable a clear understanding of the demands, wishes, and fit-gap to be rapidly identified on a detailed level. The workflow is as depicted here.

DTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance and Production environment)

A DTAP street will be set up for the implementation process. When setting up the DTAP street, B-informed follows the guidelines as outlined here below. It will be structured as shown here.

In the DTAP street, the development line runs from left to right and the data line runs from right to left. This of course with version control based on release dates.


Cravit uses Github for source code and module development. The source codes of all developments are also fully available to the client.

Odoo project issue management

B-informed uses the Odoo Projects module for the registration and management of bugs, issues, features, actions, and planning. This environment is accessible to all those directly involved and is also used for support.

Odoo can be installed on your own server or hosted. An installation of Odoo will be realized at the start of the project.


Odoo can be hosted if preferred. This can be done through your provider, by Odoo at, and also by a B-informed managed environment. If required, the installation can be run and managed by B-informed at DeltaBlu, high availability Cloud Solutions. This is a dedicated platform for Odoo and is highly flexible and scalable. DeltaBlue can maintain your Odoo environment on many server providers around the world (AWS, Digital Ocean, Google, and many others). We recommend, for legal reasons, that you always store your data in your own country. An automatic backup procedure is set up during the installation, and is backed up daily to another remote data center.

On an own server

Odoo can also be installed entirely on its own server if desired.

Maintenance & Support

Thanks to a service level agreement (SLA) you have a guarantee on the availability and involvement of Cravit to follow up on any requested improvements and extensions and to ensure the continuity of the Odoo production environment.

Cravit distinguishes the following maintenance types:

  • Corrective maintenance and questions after Go Live

  • Extensions and/or additions

  • Updates or upgrades

A service level agreement (SLA) guarantees the client availability and involvement of B-informed to follow up on any required improvements and extensions and to ensure the continuity of the Odoo production environment.

Cravit uses the Odoo for the registration and management of bugs, issues, features, actions and planning.

Issues can be reported through a platform that's accessible to certain people only. These issues can be reported on a priority basis. Of course, direct telephone contact can also be made.

In the process, one or a few administrators will gain access to this system.

Within the SLA, Cravit has the following classification of urgency:

  • Immediately:  Issues die direct moeten worden opgelost omdat het werk gestopt is. Cravit reageert direct en start gelijk met de werkzaamheden.

  • Urgent: Issues that need to be resolved quickly because work is disrupted. Cravit responds within 1 day and starts work within 2 days.

  • High: Issues that need to be resolved quickly but that do not disrupt work. Cravit responds within 1 day and starts work within 4 days.

  • Normal: Issues that need to be resolved but have no direct impact on the work. Cravit responds within 1 week and starts work within 2 weeks.

  • Low: Issues that need to be resolved if there are no urgent issues. Cravit will perform the work when the higher priority issues are resolved.
    Nice to have: Issues that do not need to be solved but that can be worked on if there are no other issues. Cravit will perform the work when the other issues are resolved.

  • Nice to have:  Issues die niet opgelost moeten worden maar waar aan gewerkt kan worden als er geen andere issues zijn. Cravit zal de werkzaamheden uitvoeren als de andere issues opgelost zijn.

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You know us and also our technical people. You can simply call or email them. A permanent team supports your organization. During the implementation but also afterwards.

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That's why we like to show a demo first and get to know you personally. This is followed by a "Proof of Concept" so that we are really sure that we can meet the expectations. Based on a thorough implementation plan, we are happy to work together from a "co-makership".