Celebrating Growth and Innovation: Unveiling the Odoo Experience 2023 Journey

In a synchronized effort to dive deep into the latest enhancements and developments of Odoo's Version 17, teams from Cravit in the Netherlands, Spain, and India embarked on an enlightening journey to the heart of technological innovation: Odoo Experience 2023. Held in the vibrant city of Brussels, this experience became a convergence point for learning, collaboration, and a celebration of the evolving landscape of Odoo.

This annual gathering was an immersive exploration of the reinvigorated Odoo ecosystem, marked by the enthusiastic anticipation of the upgraded features and functionalities in Version 17. As the sessions unfolded, the collective sentiment of the team was one of excitement and eagerness to absorb the wealth of knowledge and innovation that Odoo had to offer.

One notable highlight was the departure from the prominent purple hues in the interface, a change that was met with collective approval. It signaled a shift in aesthetics, marking a new chapter in Odoo's design language that resonated positively with the team members.

The multitude of sessions attended during the event opened doors to a wealth of new learnings and insights. From in-depth technical workshops to visionary keynote speeches, each session contributed significantly to the team's understanding and expertise in implementing Odoo. The firsthand exposure to the latest functionalities amplified the team's capabilities, fostering an environment of enthusiasm and dynamism.

What truly amplified the experience was the collective fervor and passion exuded by fellow implementers. The shared excitement and engagement among like-minded professionals created an atmosphere ripe for collaboration and knowledge exchange. The vibrant discussions and networking opportunities not only enriched the team's understanding but also provided valuable insights into diverse implementation approaches and best practices.

Beyond the enriching sessions, the post-event networking gatherings organized by Odoo were the perfect culmination of each day. These casual yet convivial moments provided the team with a platform to unwind, exchange anecdotes, and forge stronger connections with industry peers and the Odoo community. The camaraderie and exchange of ideas over delightful beverages fostered an environment of unity and camaraderie.

The Odoo Experience 2023 was not just a confluence of learning; it was a testament to the team's dedication to continuous growth and innovation. The knowledge gained and connections formed during this experience have further fueled the team's determination to implement Odoo solutions more efficiently and effectively.


As the curtains closed on this enriching experience, the team returned to their respective offices invigorated, armed with newfound knowledge and a shared enthusiasm to implement Odoo Version 17. The collective takeaway from this experience was more than just technical expertise—it was a reinforcement of the team's commitment to excellence and a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of business solutions.

The Odoo Experience 2023 in Brussels was a remarkable blend of education, collaboration, and fun. It stood as a testament to the team's dedication and Odoo's commitment to continuous improvement. As the team looks forward to implementing these new learnings, the experience in Brussels remains a cherished chapter in their collective journey of growth and excellence in the world of Odoo.

The journey might have ended in Brussels, but the knowledge gained and the connections made serve as a solid foundation for future successes in implementing Odoo solutions across various regions and industries.  


Additionally, in a moment of pride and achievement, Cravit Spain was honored with an award for being the fastest-growing partner in Spain. This recognition not only added to the team's excitement but also showcased their dedication and expertise in propelling Odoo's growth in the region, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

The Odoo Experience 2023 truly encapsulated the spirit of growth, innovation, and collective success, setting the stage for a promising future in implementing Odoo solutions. 

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