Release Odoo 15

Cravit works with Odoo 15

Odoo 15 is packed with new great features. With this version, the focus has been on improving existing apps. Here's an overview of the most spectacular changes.

Video calls

The impact of better collaboration is enormous. Helping people collaborate with their colleagues and customers is a game changer.


With Odoo 15 we have improved the communication functions of all our apps. A few examples of the new collaboration features in v15:

  • You can do instant voice and video conferencing and screen sharing options

  • Spreadsheets now work together, allowing multiple people to work on the same files at the same time

  • With the Odoo portal, customers and suppliers can now communicate about their projects in kanban view in the frontend of the website.

Point of Sale

The needs of stores have changed: they now offer additional services (e.g. in-store services, after-sales services), want to connect their PoS interface to their e-commerce and cater to B2C and B2B customers.


    In v15, we improved the integration of our PoS app with all other aspects of business retail. Here are a few examples of the new PoS features in v15:

    • Sales orders are now integrated with the PoS

    • PoS now includes the option to make deposits, or pay afterwards for orders. Customers can receive a corresponding invoice with the correct amount due.

    • Manage the after-sales service via the PoS (link to repair, subscription, ...).


    The website app now combines the benefits of open source builders like Wordpress, the features of great ecommerce platforms like Shopify, and a great page builder, better than Squarespace.


    Here are a few examples of the new website features in v15:

    • Website Configurator: New artificial intelligence engine to create complete websites based on industry and preferences.

    • Website Design: Themes have a new more modern look, gradient for background, text, shapes and button colors.

    • Website Headers: Added new options to format webpage headers.

    Onthulling Odoo 15
    Meer dan 1000 nieuwe features