Museum Hoeksche Waard

Behoud van de cultuur- en streekhistorie van de Hoeksche Waard

Museum Hoeksche Waard is a fifteen-minute drive from Rotterdam, in the sleek, open landscape of the Hoeksche Waard. Housed in two impressive buildings and near 't Hof van Assendelft a beautifully landscaped garden by the famous landscape architect Mien Ruys. A truly beautiful location with an ice rink located between the two properties. In addition to the stately Hof van Assendelft, the Hofweg also takes you past the historic town hall of Heinenoord and the very old church with its striking leaning tower, about which stories have been told for centuries. You walk along the Laantje van Assendelft from 't Hof van Assendelft to the 17th century farm Oost-Leeuwenstein.

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